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Providing Employee Benefit Consulting and Actuarial Services for over 25 years

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...we can help you answer.

Do we offer the right type and level of benefits?
To ensure you are providing a Comprehensive benefit package, you will need to identify which risks are most important to protect against, and to determine the appropriate level of protection for each risk. We will help you accomplish this by helping you answer these questions:
  • What benefits do other employers provide?
  • What benefits do your employees value most?
  • Does your benefit program have gaps or overlaps?
  • Is your benefit design most effective? 
Are we paying too much for our benefits?
Benefits are a large part of your cost for each employee...
  • Are you getting the best value for your money?
  • Is your funding method the most cost effective?
  • Do you know how to compare insurance proposals and quotes on an "apples to apples" basis?.
Do our employees understand and appreciate our benefits?
Your Company spends a lot on benefits. Your employees should understand and appreciate them. We can help you answer YES to the following:
  • Do new employees understand your benefit program and how to enroll?
  • How well do your employees appreciate the benefits you provide and do they understand the protection they have?
  • Are your employees aware of their role in saving for retirement?
  • Do your employees have the benefit descriptions required by law?
Are our benefits in compliance?
Each year it seems there is more to do to keep benefit plans in compliance with laws and regulations. We can help.
  • Are you maximizing the tax and accounting advantages of the benefits you provide?
  • Are contributions for your Flexible Spending Accounts and retirement plans administered accurately and timely?
  • Are you filing the forms required by the IRS and DOL?
  • Do you have the proper documentation for your plans?
  • Will your plans pass the non-discrimination tests this year?
  • Do your administrative procedures comply with the alphabet soup* laws and regulations?